Main Street Mission

Meeting people at their point of need and embracing them with God’s perfect love…

Main Street

Main Street Mission
Chaplain Paul Nortcut serving food the hungry at Main Street Mission. Ensuring that nobody goes hungry in the River Valley area
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The chaplain hard in action. You will find Chaplain Paul at various locations throughout the River Valley area greeting and speaking with everyone. Chaplain Paul embraces everyone with the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ.
Main Street Mission
Chaplain Paul Northcut has been associated with Main Street Mission in Russellville AR since it was founded all most 30 years ago. He currently serves on the Board of Directors and often assists in the day-to-day operations. Cooking “the world’s best oatmeal” for breakfast is something that many of their people still talk about.

But more importantly the Chaplain is always ready to serve up a generous helping of sound advice and biblical counseling. Over the last quarter century thousands of folks have had their lives enriched in physical and spiritual ways at the Mission. And the Chaplain is proud and honored to have been a part of that ministry.
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