Hospital Ministry

Taking hope and encouragement to the sick and dying….
Hospital Ministry


Give me your sick, your tired, and your weary. Our Hospital Ministry at CSM exists to take a bit of hope and encouragement to those who are sick or even possibly dying.
While we have great physicians in today’s modern world, there is still one who still holds the title of “The Great Physician.” His name is Jesus. CSM tries to bring Jesus into every situation that we have the blessing to be a part of, and the certainly is no more present than in our hospital ministry.
Hospital Ministry
The Hospital Ministry of Cross and Shield Ministries is one that we put into play frequently. Whether it be someone that is directly affiliated with our ministry, or someone who has called upon a chaplain to minister to them during their visit while in a hospital.

It goes without saying that a stay in the hospital can come with a variety of emotional issues. Such things as uncertainty of an individuals health outcome, facing new life challenges as the result of a newly diagnosed health issue or even possibly during a trauma event as the result of an unforeseen accident.

Regardless of why a person is in the hospital, they face a wide range of emotional challenges during their confinement.

How To Minister To Someone In The Hospital
Ministering to someone in the hospital doesn’t require any great deal of experience. Merely providing a listening and caring heart is oftentimes exactly what is in order.

Being confined in a hospital can create a great level of fear and apprehension for the patient. Oftentimes, people are separated from the family and friends. This can lead of feelings of isolation, fear, and various uncertainties in their personal life.

Cross and Shield Ministries is dedicated to being that support system for those who may not have anyone else they can turn to during their stay at a hospital. We take the love of Jesus with us everywhere we go and always make sure that we ask the patient if they are sure of their salvation or if they have a personal relationship with Jesus.

Keep in mind, this could very well be the only opportunity that someone may have to hear the Gospel Message if they are facing a life-ending illness or injury.

Our goal is to make sure they have the opportunity of getting to know Jesus if they don’t know Him.

In a time of illness or medical emergency, you can count on Chaplain Paul Nortcut to be there when you need him most.

Not only is the Chaplain there for the patient but, also, the family members of the patient who may need emotional support and prayer themselves. Our goal is to take the Love of Jesus with us where we encounter people and to ensure they have the level of support and assistance that may not be available through other resources.

Last, but certainly not least, is our ministry to the hospital staff. Doctors, nurses, aids, technicians, dietitians, custodians and hundreds of other dedicated people work tirelessly to meet the needs of patients in the hospital. These professionals deal with a lot of trauma and that can cause lots of stress in their personal and professional lives. Almost every time the Chaplain goes to the hospital to visit with a patient of family he makes a point of stopping at the nursing station and asking if he can help any of them. Often just walking down the hallway the Holy Spirit will draw my attention to a member of the staff that looks like they need a word of encouragement, a prayer or a hug.

The two most stressful areas are the ER and ICU. I make a point of checking on the personnel working there. Sometimes when a patient dies, especially if that patient is a child or baby, the Chaplain will do an informal debriefing with the personal involved. Chaplain Northcut has been serving our local hospital longer than most of the employees have worked there – over 30 years. The Chaplain’s faithfulness over the years is a major reason that he is called on by the staff whenever there is a spiritual need.
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