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Taking God’s Love Into the Crisis…

Welcome To Cross and Shield Ministries

Cross and Shield Ministries was establised to meet the emotional and spiritual care that is often found after any disaster.

Chaplain Paul Northcut has served with several agencies across America during some of our country’s most challenging and traumatic disasters. Our team of chaplains are trained to be there in your time of crisis.

Chaplain Paul Northcut

What You Can Expect Upon Cross and Shield Ministries On Deployment


Deployed & Ready To Minister

We come ready to minister to the needs of the people and the situation that is at hand. We know that people will have specific needs, concerns and other related issues. We’re there to assist you in putting the pieces back together.


A Seasoned Chaplain

Chaplain Paul Northcut served numerous years in law enforcement before going into the ministry. As a Chaplain, he has served in some of the largest catastrophies to strike American soil. From 9/11 to Katrina, Joplin, MO and other locations and events.


Prepared For A Rapid Response

We’re prepared to deploy in a rapid reponse type situation. Not only are we there to assist with other departments, but more importantly, we’re there to bring compassion and hope through Jesus Christ to those whom have been affected by any disasters, whether man-made or a natural disaster.

Professionalism combined with the love of Jesus to assist you in your time of need. Just when you thought you were on your own, we are there to help you put your life back together and pointed in the right direction.

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