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A dedicated police chaplain ministry dedicated to providing healing and restoration to our LEO community….
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Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
Chaplain Paul Northcut at work as a law enforcement chaplain with some of our finest in the River Valley area
CSM is dedicated to providing the level of aftercare that is oftentimes necessary for law enforcement officers who have been a part of any given traumatic incident. We’re committed to providing them with the tools and resources to assist them with normal everyday living as both a law enforcement officer and citizen of our community.
Law officers are in a class by themselves. By the very nature of the tasks they perform, and as a matter of routine in the line of duty, they are a breed apart. A tremendous responsibility and burden is inherent in being a law officer. They are expected to be arbitrators of everything imaginable; instant problem solvers; sometimes required to make split second decisions that can mean life or death for themselves and others.

The world view of a law enforcement officer is a circle. Inside the circle are the law enforcement officers – police, sheriffs’ deputies, highway patrol, federal agents, etc. Outside the circle is everyone else including spouse, family, relatives, friends, and other significant persons. The law enforcement Chaplain is partly “in” and partly “out” of that circle. A successful Chaplain must deal effectively with his fellow officers as well as the world outside the police circle.

Our communities must have healthy law enforcement agencies. The greatest resource of any law enforcement agency is its personnel. An effective Chaplaincy program will be a great help to conserve and enhance that resource. Ultimately, the community reaps the benefits of healthy law enforcement personnel and the Chaplain plays a significant role in achieving that goal.

What Is Involved In A Police Chaplain Ministry?

  • Ride with officers on duty to serve as an auxiliary police
  • Visit sick and injured officers and other departmental personnel in home and hospital
  • Make death notifications to next of kin and stay with family until other support arrives
  • Provide assistance to victims of crime, trauma or other crisis
  • Provide training to officers in areas such as Stress Management, Ethics, Family Life, Pre-Retirement courses, etc
  • Serve as part of the Crisis Response Team for; hostage negotiations, stand-offs, shootings, and other types of situations that produce high levels of stress and trauma
  • Assist when a person attempts or threatens suicide
  • Serve as a liaison with other clergy members in the community
  • Provide for the spiritual needs of department personnel and the general public when no pastor is immediately available
  • Serve as a link for officers to connect with local churches
  • Assist in domestic violence situations and to provide follow-up counseling and referrals
  • Serve as a consultant in situations involving religious cults or ritualistic crimes
  • Provide Critical Incident Stress debriefings and resources
As you can see being a part of a very active police chaplain ministry covers a wide area of ministerial resources. Cross and Shield Ministries is committed to provide our law enforcement officers and their family’s with a level of support that may not be available through traditional avenues.
Law Enforcement Chaplaincy
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