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See the qualifications required to serve as a Cross & Shield Ministries Law Enforcement Chaplain


  • For consideration as a Chaplain an individual shall be required to be interviewed and approved by the Executive Board of Cross & Shield Ministries. Also, they must be an ecclesiastically certified (ordained or licensed) person in good standing with a recognized Christian religious body. Submit a copy of the certification with application for Chaplaincy.
  • A Chaplain shall be willing to undergo whatever police training is deemed necessary by the agency he/she serves, up to, and including, becoming a certified law enforcement officer.
  • A Chaplain shall demonstrate an interest in the Chaplaincy by training, working experience, or appointment. It is further recommended that he/she shall be a member in good standing of the International Conference of Police Chaplains.
  • A Chaplain shall be available and willing to be carefully screened by the appointing authorities. The screening consists of an application, background check, resume, and interview.
  • A Chaplain shall be available to serve the “on-call” time that he/she has committed themselves to. The “on-call” time shall be determined and governed by the Senior Chaplain and the agency that the Chaplain serves.
  • A Chaplain should possess a broad base of experience and professional ministry, emotional stability, and personal flexibility. They must have sufficient theological training to equip them for the chaplain ministry. It is further recommended that they have five years of on the job ministry experience.
  • A Chaplain shall have the ability to be tactful and considerate in his/her approach to all people, regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion.
  • A Chaplain shall become involved in training programs that would enhance one's efficiency in meeting and dealing with people in crisis and should be familiar with community and law enforcement agencies' resources in the local area.
  • A Chaplain applicant shall not be accepted or maintained if convicted of a criminal offense or an offense involving moral turpitude.

  • His/her acceptability as a Chaplain is contingent upon his/her continued good standing within the religious organization he/she represents and the expressed approval of the local church they are affiliated with.
  • Have a valid Driver's License from their state of residence
  • Other qualifications may be required by Cross & Shield Ministries Executive Board or by the agencies served.
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