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When Disaster Strikes

Disaster Response - A Chaplain Responds

Disaster Response
Prepared to deliver essentials during a Disaster Response incident. Making sure to bring hope and help to a serious situation. Chaplain Paul is there when there seems to be no hope…
This is Chaplain Paul Northcut praying with a single mom that was living temporarily in a Homeless Shelter. She and her three small children were living there after the tornado destroyed her trailer and took away what little they had. At first she didn’t want any- thing to do with the Chaplain, and she sure didn’t want to hear anything about the Lord. She was so extremely bitter. Over and over she asked me, “Why did God do this to us?” After several days of dropping by the shelter and showing her His love, gradually her wall came down and she was more receptive to what I had to say. It took about a week of visiting, a lot of prayer, and hours of listening as she vented her anger, before she was ready to hear the Chaplain – and then give her life to Christ. P.T.L

Notice her shirt, it says, “I DON’T DO HUGS. But after she found the Lord there were lots of hugs and her whole life was transformed. Thank you for helping us ‘be there’, taking God’s love into the crisis, with your prayers and gifts.
prayer when needed
When disaster strikes, there is a chaplain ready to respond to the call. It may start by delivering basic necessities to the location such as water, blankets, food and more.

More importantly, Chaplain Paul Northcut will be fulfilling the Cross and Shield motto: “Taking God’s Love Into The Crisis.” Even in times when it feels like there is no hope to be found – the Chaplain will be there to offer Help, Hope and Healing in Jesus’ name.

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